Didactic exercises

Didactic exercises were created for promoting the learning of concepts and to help memorize some information. The aim is to permit users to learn while enjoying themselves.

The exercises created were developed in Macromedia Flash 8.0 . They are grouped into 4 types:


  • Interactive mosaic (puzzle): that gives the possibility to reconstruct some details of the real mosaics using as tessere the pieces as they were effectively identified from archaeological data and restored in digital form using CAD files.
  • Differences: a useful exercise for more attentively observing mosaics discovering “invented” differences between two versions of a same mosaic.
    Association: a simple method for learning the associations between the names of real and fantastic animals portrayed and details of the mosaics that portray them; it is sufficient to drag the name on to the correct image.
  • Memory: images of the details of the mosaics become memory “cards”. In this exercise the couples of similar cards must be identified.

To do the exercises after having pressed “Go to the exercises” you must choose the type (Puzzle, Differences, Association, Memory) and, subsequently, when there are a number of exercises available for one type (mosaic and differences), the exercise that you want and its level of difficulty. Once these operations have been carried out, press the button “begin”.

To be able to play you need the plugin Adobe Flash Player that can be downloaded freely at this address.

If the plugin is already installed on your browser or if you don’t know the configuration of your computer, press the link below to enter the games; if the plugin is not already installed in your browser, you will be asked to install it.

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